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Nicole is beautiful inside & out she truly does care for her clients & about her job she is very intelligent she does her research & makes the best decisions regarding your case I would recommend her to anyone in need of legal help this is not just a paycheck for her this is her life and she deserves recognition for a job well done!


I am so absolutely blessed, thankful and pleased with the attention, kindness and compassion as well as the prompt and thorough response and details when handling cases! I've had the pleasure of Nichole Dougherty as my attorney and she is ABSOLUETLY WONDERFUL. I honestly don't know if I could've handled myself as well through this time without her as my attorney. This is a wonderful business with the right people working for the right reasons.

Mayday Pebblezperez

Nichole, is a compassionate and blunt attorney. She is very knowledgeable in the field of both Criminal defense and Child Abuse. I would highly recommend her and will definitely use her again if a situation arises.


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