About Us

Nichole Poore-Sanchez

Managing attorney, Nichole Poore-Sanchez, obtained her Associates of Science – Criminal Justice degree from Mott Community College in 2005, and her Bachelor of Applied Science – Criminal Justice degree from Ferris State University in 2010. She started law school immediately after that and graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School (the largest law school in the country) in 2014. She grew up in Flint, so she understands what it is like to be the little guy. 

She has worked multiple legal and customer service jobs, while raising two kids, in addition to getting through her schooling. Prior to opening Ally Legal Services, she worked for Shelton Legal Services, PLLC, where she helped hundreds of clients with misdemeanor and felony criminal matters, civil litigation, custody cases, and CPS matters throughout the State of Michigan. She works hard for my clients, and she will do everything within her power to make sure that her clients understand what is happening every step of the way. She has only been licensed for two years, and has already been awarded the national Top 10 Attorney's Under 40 Award for Family Law in 2020. 

Nichole makes sure that she has her client's back, no matter what!